The Santa Catarina stylist Larissa Minatto worked in the family factory that manufactured swimwear. She learned in practice the best modeling and production techniques, as well as learning about fabrics, cuts and also, business.

Always dedicated and seeking to improve her skills to master the art of beachwear, she graduated in fashion and also took a course in Luxury Marketing at the prestigious Marangoni Institute, in Milan.

Back to Brazil, she decided to create her own brand named after her. Refined and with a keen eye to recognizing avant-garde trends, she knew that it was the right time to launch her "deluxe" beachwear brand. Being born entrepreneur, the designer managed in a short time to leverage her brand. These references, coupled with the experiences on the most picturesque beaches in Brazil and abroad, have contributed to Larissa becoming a consistent and passionate stylist for what she does.






Always connected to the world trends of fashion and behavior, Maryssil has been in the beachwear segment for more than 25 years. The brand was found on November 27, 1990, the 100% Brazilian company has conquered beachwear market in Brazil and abroad, in order to improve its products with each new collection.

Located in the city of Joinville, in the north of the state of Santa Catarina, the brand is known in the industry for its concept of beachwear and not just bikinis. 

In this regard the brand relies on the expertise of renowned designer Larissa Minatto, responsible for the exclusive creation of each collection, to guarantee production go garments that value the feminine silhouette, as well as fashion and value added information.

In its work Maryssil follows such values as: faith, love, truth, respect and commitment. Meeting the wishes and needs of customers and building longterm partnership relations are among the priorities of Maryssil, which has the best suppliers of services and raw materials in the country. Everything to ensure comfort, quality and functionality.

The company regularly invests in technological development, in the qualification and evaluation of people, market research, marketing actions and search of new sustainable materials and technologies. 

All of these actions give the best result: Maryssil has already surpassed the mark of 300 000 pieces per collection and is being marketed in more than a thousand sale-points, including Brazil, France, Australia, USA, Portugal, among others.



CAJUBRASIL is headquartered in the city of Votuporanga, located in the middle of the state of São Paulo. It is known as the education capital, with a number of technical schools and 4 higher education units.

The municipality of a solid economy and extreme economic potential is one of the biggest furniture poles in the country and still congregates the headquarters of the large industries of road implements. In the area of event tourism, the carnival has national prominence, being considered one of the best in the country, especially the “Block Oba” festival that brings great stars of national and international music.


Mission a the company is to provide the fashion market with fitness solutions with on-top technology, style and a the best quality. Responsibility and respect are the basis to achieve the total satisfaction of each person involved with our operational process in particular our customers and consumers.


The vision of Cajubrasil is to be recognized as one of the main companies of the activewear segment in Brazil and abroad, recognized by the fashion concept, technology, quality, differential in service and style.



Alto Giro, owned by Recco Co group, has been in the market for 34 years, working in the producing of fitness and beachwear. Marketing through own stores and multi-brand shops. This is the result of a serious and dedicated work, grounded in Christian principles. Built with synergy between its suppliers and employees. Alto Giro excels at creating with quality, thus becoming a competitive company and looking at new markets and possibilities. Today it is recognized for ethical management, social responsibility and appreciation of people. To make designers able to creatively execute their new product development work, it is necessary that the entire production chain is constantly evolving and, in this case, the investment in precision machinery with greater efficiency in production is something constant in Alto Giro. The inspiration for the creation comes from various sources (fashion trends, history, culture, art, music, events and etc), but the main one is the market, it reflects the moment we live in and what the consumer looks for. The high-twist line is developed with the woman in mind with all its versatility and flexibility that has several activities throughout the day and needs a comfortable look, where she can go for a workout in the gym or outdoors, but also meets any of her needs.


When three friends unite with the same goal in mind, the dream becomes real and it was from it that in 2014, the Le Blog emerged.

The brand is known for exploring the feminine universe in a sophisticated way. All the pieces are very elaborate and the producing material is of the highest quality. Cuts always seeks to value the female silhouette delicately.

Another signature factor of our collections are the hand -embroidered pieces, which give a more nocturnal and glamorous look. Chatons, gemstones and lasers are very complex in productions and that’s make us unique. To meet the fast pace of the fashion, Le Blog, dynamically produces monthly collections bringing only the best of trends. In all new collections, prints, colors and models repaginate our wholesale completely changing the look compared to the previous collection. 

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